Batallion Frontier is the 1st level in Koopa Planet. It's unlocked via completing 7-Airship: Spaceship Koopa and finishing that will unlock 8-2: Jet Airship. This level is based on the tank levels in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D World. Some tanks emit clouds of poisonous exhaust, which must be cleared via Spin Jumping nearby.

Star Coins

  1. Once on the tank with the #1, either bounce off the Rocky Wrench, a cannonball or use a Propeller Suit* to reach it.
  2. After the Checkpoint, use the cannonballs or a Propeller Suit* to reach it.
  3. Before launching to the airship, just drop down and grab it.


*You can buy one from Haunted Emporium

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