This article is about the final world. For the unused world, click Special World (unused world).

Special World, is also known as Bonus Land. It is the 9th World and a secret world in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. You'll need to collect 354 Star Coins to unlock this world. This world is color coded for each level. Each pad changes color when you unlock the certain level. The order goes like this: Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Grey, and Black. It's the order of all the the colors of the rainbow.


9-1: Red Lava

9-2: Brown Forest

9-3: Orange Prairie

9-4: Yellow Beach

9-5: Mossdeep Greens

9-6: Blue Chilldesert

9-7: Navyblue Molemine

9-8: Purple Sewer

9-9: Grey Mountains

9-10: Black Clappers


  • The levels have some sort of name to the color that appears on the map.