Butterwood Crossing, or World 3-3, is the third course in Mushroom Peaks. It's located on a bridge while the latter is on mushrooms. It is a Mountain-type level.


This level has some [!] blocks to change the track(s)'s direction.

Time Given: 550 seconds (9 minutes and 10 seconds)

Primary Powerup

The primary powerup is Propeller Mushroom.

Star Coins

Star Coin #1: Surrounded by a track with a Big Fuzzy attached, you must jump on the bouncy blocks to reach it.

Star Coin #2: Go down the pipe below the 2 bricks above it. At the end of the room you will find the star coin.

Star Coin #3: This star coin is hidden. This note can be removed when discovered.

Secret Exit

Immediately after the area where the [!] blocks open a track to the circle is a mini hallway on top of the level. After hitting the ? switch will break the floor and you falls down a room with tracks resembling Used ? Blocks, Bullet Bills, Super Mushroom, Coin, brick and a 1UP symbol. Back out in the open air, you reach the secret exit to the Mountain Mall.

You must have a Propeller Mushroom with you. If you dont, you will need a precise way to get to the top.


The level

Enemies Encountered

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