Eruption Crater is the 8th level in Koopa Planet. It is unlocked via completing 8-Tower: Pendulum Tower and finishing that will unlock 8-9: Ironworks Forge. This level takes place inside an erupting volcano. The volcano vibrates and so does your Wii Remote until you get to the flagpole room.


the first part of the level is a room scrolling upwards with lava. at the same time, the Wii remote and screen will both move. the next part of the level is a horizontal and vertical scrolling room of the volcano. at the end of the level, you will exit into a cavern just outside of the volcano, and the timer stops.

Star Coins

  1. At the start of the level, jump from the 1st fence to reach it.
  2. Before the volcano's 1st exit pipe, find the coin on the left, but watch out for the spike balls.
  3. In the next area, use the hammerswings to reach it before the volcano's exit pipe.