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Note that 4-6 and 4-7 had the same level when I first got the game (yay major error), so I did some fancy cutting around there.

Believe syncing is pretty good this time.


0:36 - 4-1 Bamboo Steppes 4:47 - 4-2 Flipblock Orchard 12:10 - 4-4 Petal Lake (where I finally remember almost all bamboo = chains) 20:30 - 4-3 Cherry Falls 24:39 - 4-Tower Blossom Tower (2nd star coin... since it barely clipped the screen, I definitely didn't see it on my TV screen! Wish I could have, I was stuck for awhile!) 30:28 - 4-5 Vine Chasm (looks like I forget about bamboo again) 36:11, 49:37 - 4-A Hilltop Town (I had to be told about this secret exit, definitely the most obscure in the game (and the reward is good too, the biggest shortcut world in the game). I thought for sure I had checked that underwater section, but clearly I didn't risk it enough to see there was a layer 0.) 39:15 - 4-! Green Switch Palace 40:06 - Challenge House D 41:04 - 4-7 Thunder Bridge (originally played this in 4-6's slot, played it again, showing first-time footage though. Yay editing) 45:38 - 4-6 Rooftop Hop 51:27 - 4-Castle Samurai Castle (thought on the 3rd star coin, the statue hid some bouncy blocks, not a movable springboard. Well, that's what items are for, cheesing parts when you fail or not!) 58:22 - 4-Airship Nutscrew Airship 1:04:10 - 1-Egg Yoshi's House (green pipe)

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