Freezeflame Glacier (along with Freezeflame Volcano) is the fifth world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is inspired by Freezeflame Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. The tower/castle boss is Pyro and Cryo and the airship boss is Wendy O Koopa.


Freezeflame Glacier is an ice-themed level in the first 6 levels, but from Molten Icelifts until the final level of Freezeflame Volcano it is a mix of fire and ice as Mario enters a volcano.


5-1: Snowfield Tundra

5-2: Snowball Field

5-3: Frosty Highlands

5-4: Frostbite Ridge

5-5: Snowfall Peak

5-Tower: Crystalfrost Tower

A dull grey snowcapped tower with many climbling rocks where Pyro and Cryo are first fought.

5-6: Molten Icelifts

(Levels 5-7 through 5-9 and 5-A are in Freezeflame Volcano

5-Castle: Chillsear Castle

An icy castle with many spiky obstacles where Pyro and Cryo are once more fought.

5-Airship: Snowdrift Airship

Other Buildings

Other Buildings for Freezeflame Glacier/Freezeflame Volcano:

  • The Glacial Market is the Shop for Freezeflame Glacier. It can be accessed after completing 5-3.
  • The entrance to World D is accessible after completing 5-8 through its secret exit.
  • To access the Red Switch Palace, you must complete 5-5's Secret Exit. Even though it is technically in World D, it can only be accessed from World 5, not World D.
  • To access the Frosty Music House, you must complete 5-A.