Freezeflame Volcano is an area connected to Freezeflame Glacier that is still technically World 5. It is accessed through the volcano's top when "Molten Icelifts" is completed.


Freezeflame Volcano is a fiery place taking place in a volcano featuring ice versions of blocks and enemies.


5-7: Penguin Heatbath

5-8: Magma Iceburrow

5-9: Glacier Lavalake

5-A: Lavafrost Cavern

Other Buildings

Other buildings in Freezeflame Volcano are: (This section only includes other buildings in Freezeflame Volcano. World 5 has two areas so this section only includes Other Buildings in Freezeflame Volcano. For all the other buildings in World 5, visit the Freezeflame Glacier Page.