This article is about the world from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with Goldbuzz Forest, a level in this world.

Goldwood Forest (or World A) is the first secret world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a fall-themed world filled with leafpiles falling Chestnuts and tall trees. It is unlocked by finding the secret exit of Rainshed Pond. Completing the fortress will create a shortcut to Cascade Chasm.

The Music House of this world is called Goldwood Music House, and involves repeating the tunes by tapping on music blocks. When done correctly, items are won.

The shop in this world is called the Fall Mart, and is unlocked by finding the secret exit in Goldbuzz Forest.


Level number Level name Preview Description
A-1 Autumn Plateau AutumnPlateau The first stage of this world. It features brambles and fire piranha plants.
A-2 Appletree Woods Appletree woods This level has apples that Yoshi can eat. There is a secret exit leading to A-A.
A-3 Fall Harvest Fall harvest This level has prickly goombas that fall from the trees. Completing this level unlocks Goldwood Music House.
A-A Goldbuzz Forest Goldbuzz forest This level features koopas climbing on honeycomb like platforms. The secret exit in this level unlocks Fallmart, the shop of world a.
A-fortress Leafpile Fortress Maxresdefault (5) The first fortress in the game, featuring no boss. It has ruined walls with many leaves and enemy traps. This is the final level of World A and completing it leads to Cascade Chasm.


  • The music in most of this world's levels are remixes of the theme for Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii.

Other Buildings

  • Fallmart is the official shop for World A. It can be accessed by going through A-A's secret exit, selling:
    • 1 Super for STAR COIN1
    • 1 Fire flower for STAR COIN2
    • 1 1up for STAR COIN2
    • 1 Penguin for STAR COIN3
    • 2 Fire flower and 1 Propeller mushroom for STAR COIN5
    • 4 Fire flower and 1 Star for STAR COIN8
  • The Goldwood Music House is the official Music House for World A. It can be accessed after completing A-3.