Grey Mountains is the 9th level of Special World. It is unlocked via completing 9-8: Purple Sewer and finishing that will unlock 9-10: Black Clappers. This level is based on SM64's Cool Cool Mountain level as there is snow in this level. This is the Angry Sun and Angry Moon's final appearance.

Star Coins

  1. Before the checkpoint, toss a nearby Koopa Shell at it*.
  2. When at the frozen coins section, you'll need to melt the ice to access it**.
  3. Shortly after, you'll need to be Super Mario to break the blocks blocking it***.


*You can't get it yourself.

**If you don't have a Fire Flower, you'll have to lure the Angry Sun to do it for you.

***A Super Mushroom can be found in that ?-Block.

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