Koopa Core is an area conected to Koopa Planet that is still technically World 8. it is the real final world. the tower boss is Kamek and the castle boss is Bowser.


Koopa Core is a red-hot lava themed world.


8-Train(8-5): Underground Railroad

This course occurs underground on a railroad track. The course moves quickly and features lava and poisonous smoke.

8-6: Volcano Rapids Here, you will ride a lava raft through the volcano. Watch out for occasional smoke and some iron blocks.

8-7: Magmaworks Factory

In this industrial course, ride across the lava steadily on the iron blocks dropped from the production pipes. Be wary of any enemies and gushing lava spouts.

8-Tower 2: Pendulum Tower

Hightail to the top of this tower with rising lava and enemies. Throughout, magic spells will be tossed to you, so make sure to avoid this also. Kamek is the boss here.

8-8: Eruption Crater Similar to 8-6 in New Super Mario Bros. Dos, mad dash to the top of this rumbling volcano and get away from the rising lava. The timer is short, and you will encounter some ostacles, also, so be quick!

8-9: Ironworks Forge In this second industrial course, you must not touch the lava or water. The water is boiling hot but the air currents can make you float.

8-A: Dragonride Firesea

Ride the Spine Coaster through this crazy, red-hot course. You have 655 seconds but the ride overall is very swift. To get the last star coin, you must go through 30 red rings. As stated, the ride is fast and intense, so time your jumps carefully, and keep your momentum to get the main 29 rings.

8-Bowser's Castle: Bowser's Keep This is the final battle, but first, you must activate three ! Switches to get to the bottom. At this first battle phase with Bowser you must press three switches to defeat him. Each switch will drop a meteor on Bowser, but unlike New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii U, Bowser won't be damaged by Fire Flowers. The last phase takes place airborne above a bottomless valley. Bowser will stand aboard his airship, and you will ride in a clown car. Blast Bowser 24 times with cannonballs and he will be defeated for good. As you battle, he will toss some wrenches and Thwomps at you. Also make sure to avoid any asteriods, enemies and Amps along the way.

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