Koopa Core is an area conected to Koopa Planet that is still technically World 8. it is the real final world. the tower boss is Kamek and the castle boss is Bowser.


Koopa Core is a red-hot lava themed world.


8-Train: Underground Railroad

A short level with a train underground. This level has 155 seconds as the time limit and skips by 2 seconds towards the middle and skips 3 seconds if going through the midpoint flag. The player must be quick in this level.

8-6: Volcano Rapids

The rat appears on lava. The player must blow away the purple clouds as he/she progress or the player will take damage through it.

8-7: Magmaworks Factory

The player must ride on conveyor blocks that drop to progress. The only types appear are small and tall blocks.

8-Tower 2: Pendulum Tower

A tower with rising lava and some enemies. As the level starts, spells will shoot out at the player where he/she stands. Kamek is fought here.

8-8: Eruption Crater

The player has 100 seconds to complete this level or the lava that rises will burn you. It is possible that the outside background will show volcanoes erupting and debris will rain. This outside part is not shown IN ANY WAY, but possible.

8-9: Ironworks Forge

The player must not jump in the water in this level because it is boiling hot and one jump will hurt him/her if he jumps in.

8-A: Dragonride Firesea

The Spine Coaster appears in this level. The player starts with 655 seconds. There is no midpoint flag in this level. To get the last Star Coin, the player must go through thirty Red Rings. These rings do not make Red Coins appear.

8-Bowser's Castle: Bowser's Keep

This level starts with the exact same time as 8-Bowser's Castle in NSMBW. The player must step on three big ! switches to access a room with a big boss door. The first battle with Bowser requires three hits with a spike ball by stepping the ! Switch on the left and right sides. After the first battle, the timer drops to 250 for the second battle. The last battle is air-to-air combat with the player in his/her clown car with a cannon and Bowser in his own airship. They player must avoid Amps and destroy asteroids and avoid hammers, spiked balls, wrenches, and Thwomps thrown by Bowser. After being defeated, Bowser and his airship will crash down and Peach is rescued by using the mini ! switch.

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