Mega Topman is a large Spike Topman that acts as the tower/castle boss of Starry Skies, it was a normal Spike Topman from Super Mario Galaxy until Kamek used his magic on it.

Big Spike Topman


Mega Topman looks the same as a regular Spike Topman; a red top-like creature with a spike on it's head, only 3.5 times larger.
Spike Topman



Mega Topman is fought in a metal arena with electric barriers on each wall. Mega Topman will move around the arena, if Mario runs into the giant Topman, he'll be harmlessly bounced backward, occasionally, Mega Topman will quickly spin, which will damage Mario if he gets too close. Mario must Spin Jump into Mega Topman, which will knock him backward, and keep knocking him back until the giant Topman hits one of the electric barriers. Every time Mega Topman hits an electric barrier, he will become invincible for a few seconds before Mario can hit him again. 3 hits defeats him.

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