Mini-Mega Island, or World B, is the second secret world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. it is a grassy island with a "big and small" theme. It is unlocked by completing the secret exit in World 2-9: Pillar Pass. Completing the fortress will unlock a shortcut to World 3-6: Bubble Basin. This world's name is related to Super Mario 64's Tiny-Huge Island


The first level appears to have the World 5 background from New Super Mario Bros Wii, but the other levels appear to have the background from World 1 in New Super Mario Bros Wii.


B-1: Mighty Meadow

B-2: Pintsized Plains

B-3: Troopashell Track

B-4: Cheepcheep Creek

B-Tower: Formidable Fortress


  • The music in some of this world's levels are remixes of the theme for World 1 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Other Buildings

Other buildings in Mini-Mega Island:

  • The Minimega Music House is the official Music House for World B. It can be accessed through completing B-2.

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