Mushroom Peaks (also refered to as Chocolate Mountains or Mt. Mushroom) is the third world in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii which lies north of Rubble Ruins. The tower/castle boss is Big Rocky Wrench and the airship boss is Morton Koopa Jr.

Newer Super Mario Bros46:01

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii 100% World 3 - Mushroom Peaks


Mushroom Peaks is a mountainous area. The mountains extend so far it overlaps part of Sakura Village and Rubble Ruins's 2-A: Fossil Tunnel.


3-1: Chomproller Hights

 3-2: Grimymole Mines

3-3: Butterwood Crossing

3-4: Wobbleshroom Bluffs

3-Tower: Burnblaze Tower: A tower with many fire obstacles and moving platforms where Big Rocky Wrench is fought.

3-5: Fungi Pit

3-6: Bubble Basin

3-7: Slanty Shroomroad

3-Castle: Moltenwire Castle: A sidescrolling castle level with many Firebars that Big Rocky Wrench is last fought in.

3-Airship: Capshroom Airship: An airship with lots of capshrooms that Morton Koopa Jr is last fought in.


  • The music in some of this world's levels are remixes of the theme for World 6 Map from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Other Buildings

Other buildings in Mushroom Peaks:

  • Mountain Mall, the official shop for Mushroom Peaks can be accessed after completing 3-3 's secret exit. It sells:
  • 1 Star Coin: Mushroom
  • 2 Star Coins: Fire Flower/Mini Mushroom
  • 3 Star Coins: Propeller Mushroom
  • 5 Star Coins: 1 Mushroom, 1 Mini Mushroom, and 1 Propeller Mushroom.
  • 8 Star Coins: 1 Mushroom, 1 Mini Mushroom. 2 Propeller Mushroom, and 1 Hammer.
  • Challenge House C can be accessed after completing 3-T.
  • The Mushroom Music House can be accessed after completing 3-6.


The bosses for Mushroom Peak.

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