Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros. DS have impressive soundtracks. Half of them are composed by the Newer Team, while the other half are remixed songs from past Mario games. Here is a list of them all.

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Name Music Origin Played In
Original song. Palm Beach
Shy Guy Peaks
Beanstalk Ascent
Yoshi House
Yoshi House YC Yoshi cookie
Yoshi Cookie from Yoshi's Cookie. Yoshi's House
Original song. Yoshi Woods
Growing Greenwood
Switch Shift Grove
Jungle (YI Title Song)
Title screen music from Yoshi's Island. Springwater Swamp
Tangle Temple
Mossdeep Greens
Creepcrack Castle (?)
Athletic Original song. Fuzzy Canyon
Butterwood Crossing
Wobbleshroom Bluffs
Molten Icelifts
Paratroopa Peaks
Underwater Original song. Rainshed Pond
Cheepcheep Creek
Bubble Basin
Spine Springs
Drenched Gloomlake
Autumn Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii. Autumn Plateau
Appletree Woods
Fall Harvest
Goldbuzz Forest
Brown Forest
Sand Desert theme from New Super Mario Bros. Cactus Cove
Urchin Seasands
Searing Sands
Sewer Original song. Gushing Gutter
Dripdrop Drains
Cascade Chasm
Purple Sewer
Desert Original song. Barrelband Wilds
Windworn Dunes
Pillar Pass
Orange Prairie
Underground Underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Fossil Tunnel
Bonus Areas
Minimega Overworld theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Mighty Meadow
Pintsized Plains
Troopashell Track
Mountain World 6 theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Chomproller Heights
Slanty Shroomroad
Cavern Underground theme from Super Mario World. Grimymole Mine
Fungi Pit
Bonechill Shaft
Buried Boneyard
Navyblue MolemineBonus Areas
Japan Original song. Bamboo Steppes
Blossom Tower
Vine Chasm
Thunder Bridge
Shy Guy Make Eggs, Throw Eggs from Yoshi's Island. Flipblock Orchard
Petal Lake
Cherry Falls
Hilltop Town
Rooftop Hop
Sky City Nimbus Land from Super Mario RPG. Manta Raid
Nimbus Highway
Parabeetle Peril
Sprocket Skies
Sleigh Bells DK Pass from Mario Kart DS. Snowfield Tundra
Frosty Highlands
Snowfall Peak
Snow Cool, Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64. Snowball Field
Frostbite Ridge
Blue Chilldesert
Grey Mountains
Freezeflame Original song. Penguin Heatbath
Magma Iceburrow
Lavafrost Cavern
Red Lava
Fire Original song. Glacier Lavalake
Burnstone Flowfalls
Volcano Rapids
Dragonride Firesea
Ironworks Forge (pre-1.2.0)
Black Clappers
Crystal Caves Crystal Caves from Yoshi's Island. Swooper Cellar
Toxic Wigglershift
Carapace Catacomb
Pumpkin Original song. Pumpkin Road
Moonlit Woods
Cawcaw Treeway
Buried Boneyard (?)
Graveyard Forever Forest from Paper Mario. Fog Cemetery
Boo House Ghostly Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Colossus House
Glowlit Manor
Cliffs Athletic theme from New Super Mario Bros. DS. Bombshell Bridge
Fallout Footbridge
Bombassault Gorge
Space Original song. Spacedust Heap
Asteroid Belt
Spintop Nebula
Star Haven Star Hill from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Star Haven
Starfruit Garden
Tank Bowser's Road from Super Mario 64. Battalion Frontier
Train Glitz Pit from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Underground Railroad
Core Greenhorn Forest from Wario World. Magmaworks Factory
Dragonride Firesea (?)
Factory (Crater) Factory from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Eruption Crater
Ironworks Forge (1.2.0 and later)
Jungle Beach Yoshi Falls from Mario Kart DS. Yellow Beach
Tower Original song. Timber Tower
Pipeline Tower
Burnblaze Tower
Clockwork Tower
Crystalfrost Tower
Spookloft Tower
Electron Tower
Factory Tower
Pendulum Tower
Castle/Fortress Original song. Creepcrack Castle
Leafpile Fortress
Pyramid Castle
Formidable Fortress
Moltenwire Castle
Samurai Castle
Chillsear Castle
Toxic Fortress
Delusion Castle
Novastar Castle
Bowser's Castle
Airship Airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. Derelict Airship
Capshroom Airship
Nutscrew Airship
Snowdrift Airship
Shipwreck Galleon
Spaceship Koopa
Jet Airship
Molten Airship
Koopa Castle Original song. Bowser's Keep

World Map Music

World Music
Yoshi's Island
Rubble Ruins
Soggy Sewers
Mushroom Peaks
Sakura Village
Freezeflame Glacier
Freezeflame Volcano
Pumpkin Boneyard
Sky Mountain
Starry Skies
Koopa Planet
Koopa Core
Special World
Goldwood Forest
Mini-Mega Island
Sky City
Crystal Caves
Bombard Cliffs
Between Worlds

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

These are the codenames.

Name Music Origin Played In
Freezeflame Freezeflame theme from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Everfrost Hole
Candelabrum Cavern
Tower Tower theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Ropeblast Tower
Fliptube Tower
Hivetree Tower
Icecrack Citadel
Shockbelt Spire
Skewerspring Tower
Lavalit Tower
Pumpkin Boneyard Pumpkin theme from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Pumpkin Thornhill
Broozer Sward
Bone Marrow Road
Springy Spiritland
NSMBW Lava Volcano theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Basalt Bay
Firehoop Inferno
Underground Remixed underground theme from either Super Mario Bros. or New Super Mario Bros. DS. Bonus areas
Chopwood Cavern
Switching Sewer
Ectoplasm Hollow
Arachnid Charnel
Gigantic Gardens (?)