Pumpkin Boneyard is the sixth world. It is haunted, eerie, and features pumpkins, eerie fog, haunted structures, ghostly beings, a horric moon, and a gloomy horizon.Its also based on the holiday of Halloween. Enemies common to Pumpkin Boneyard include Boos and Dry Bones. The bones of Koopas can also be found buried in graves.


Pumpkin Boneyard first appeared as World 6 of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is south of Freezeflame Glacier, the previous world, and is overlooked by Sky Mountain, the next. The world includes cemeteries, haunted mansions, and shipwrecks, among other landmarks. Boolossus is the boss of the tower, Spookloft Tower, and the castle, Delusion Castle. Larry Koopa is the boss of Shipwreck Galleon.

In Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, the world reappears as World 4, having a very similar visual style. Levels include expansive caves and a new shipwreck. Pumpkin Boneyard is adjacent to Dorrie's Island to the west and Moonview Glacier to the east. It is the only world to return in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.



  • The Entrance to World E can be accessed after completing the secret exit for 6-7 then completing 6-8.
  • The Haunted Music House, the official music house of World 6, can be acceseed after completing 6-7.
  • Challenge House F can be accessed after completing 6-A.
  • The Haunted Emporium can be accessed after completing 6-A. It sells:
  • 1 Star Coin: Mushroom
  • 2 Star Coins: Fire Flower/Super Star
  • 3 Star Coins: Propeller Mushroom
  • 5 Star Coins: 2 Mini Mushrooms & Propeller Mushroom
  • 8 Star Coins: 4 Propeller Mushrooms & 1 Mushroom


The bosses for Pumpkin Boneyard.

6-T: In Spookloft Tower, you fight Boolossus for the first time.

6-C: In Delusion Castle, you fight Boolossus for the final time.

6-A: In Shipwreck Galleon, you fight Larry Koopa, one of the Koopalings.