Rubble Ruins

Rubble Ruins

Rubble Ruins, (along with Soggy Sewers) is the second world in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. The Tower/Castle Boss is King Thwomp and the Airship Boss is Roy Koopa.


Rubble Ruins is a desert world.


2-1: Cactus Cove

(levels 2-2 through 2-Tower are in Soggy Sewers)

2-5: Barrelband Winds

2-6: Urchin Seasands

2-A: Fossil Tunnel

2-7: Windworn Dunes

2-8: Searing Sands

It is the first level that features the Angry Sun.

2-9: Pillar Pass

2-Castle: Pyramid Castle

A pyramid level with statues of enemies that come to life when a cracked brick is stepped on, it is the final place King Thwomp is fought.

2-Airship: Sandship

Other Buildings

Other Buildings in Rubble Ruins/Soggy Sewers:

  • Dusty Drugstore is the official shop for World 2. It is accessible after completing 2-1. It sells: (no, it dosen't sell cigarettes.)
  • 1 Star Coin: Mushroom
  • 2 Star Coins: Fire Flower/Ice Flower
  • 3 Star Coins: Propeller Mushroom
  • 5 Star Coins: 2 Fire Flowers & 1 Super Star
  • 8 Star Coins: 1 Mushroom, 2 Fire Flowers, and 2 Propeller Mushrooms
  • To access the entrance to Mini-Mega Island, You must complete 2-A.
  • To access the Desert Music House, you have to complete 2-7.
  • Challenge House B can be accessed after completing 2-3.


The 2 out of 3 bosses for World 2.

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