Sakura Village
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Sakura Village (Complete World 4)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus
World number 4
Levels 11
Bosses Samerguy
Lemmy Koopa
Joined World None
Game Progression
Previous world (3) Mushroom Peaks
Next world (5) Freezeflame Glacier/Volcano
(C) Sky City (secret)

Sakura Village is the fourth World in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus, lying west of Freezeflame Glacier.


Sakura Village is based off of Sakura, Japan, with Bamboo Stalks, cherry blossom trees, Mario-like monk statues, and Shy Guys.


Level number Level name Preview Description
4-1 Bamboo Steppes Newer-World 4 It introduces climbable Bamboo Stalks and Shy Guys.
4-2 Flipblock Orchard Flipblock orchard This level introduces the Flip Block.
4-3 Cherry Falls Cherry falls It features many Shy Guys and Waterfalls.
4-4 Petal Lake Petal lake It takes place in a lake filled with many jumping Cheep Cheeps.
4-Towernsmbw Blossom Tower Blossom tower It takes place in a towering blossom tree field filled with Shy Guys. This is where Samerguy is first fought.
4-5 Vine Chasm Maxresdefault (8) This level takes place in a chasm filled with Vines.
4-A Hilltop Town Hilltop town This level takes place in a small town filled with lots of Japanese houses. It also features a secret exit to World C, Sky City.
4-Greenswitchicon The Green Switch Palace The green switch palace This Switch Palace contains a Green Switch that solidifies the green Color Blocks across the land.
4-6 Rooftop Hop Rooftop hop This level takes place on the rooftops of many dojos, and is full of Jump Blocks and Shy Guys.
4-7 Thunder Bridge Thunder bridge A stormy outlook at a rain-drenching bridge. The Thunder Cloud from Mario Kart Wii makes its first and only appearance here.
4-Castlensmbw2 Samurai Castle Samurai castle This level takes place in a zen castle filled with Mario-like monk statues. This is where Samerguy is fought for the second and final time.
4-Airship2 Nutscrew Airship Nutscrew airship It takes place on an airship flying above the Japanese village, filled with Mechakoopas and Nut Platforms. Lemmy Koopa is fought here.

Other Buildings

Other buildings in Sakura Village:

  • Sakura Souvenirs is the official shop for Sakura Village. It can be accessed after completing 4-4 through its secret exit. It sells:
    • 1 Star Coin: Mushroom
    • 2 Star Coins: Fire Flower/ 1-Up Mushroom
    • 3 Star Coins: Hammer
    • 5 Star Coins: 3 1-Up Mushrooms
    • 8 Star Coins: 2 Propeller Mushrooms, Ice Flower, Fire Flower, and 1-Up Mushroom.
  • The Green Switch Palace is the second of the four switch palaces. It can only be accessed after completing 4-A.
  • Challenge House D can be acceseed after completing 4-6.
  • World C can be accessed after completing 4-A by its secret exit.