"Where Mario's plumbing service all started at in the sewers of Gushing Gutter and Dripdrop Drains."

Soggy Sewers is an area connected to Rubble Ruins, even though it's a different area, it is technically still the second world. It contains levels 2-2 through 2-Tower. It is accessed through a pipe after 2-1 is completed
Newer Super Mario Bros01:02:34

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii 100% World 2 - Soggy Sewers Rubble Ruins-0


Soggy Sewers is an underground place with many pipes.


2-2: Gushing Gutter

2-3: Dripdrop Drains

2-4: Cascade Chasm

2-Tower: Pipeline Tower A tower with lots of pipes where KIng Thwomp is fought.


Other Buildings

Other Buildings in Soggy Sewers: (Soggy Sewers is just one of the two areas in World 2, for all the other buildings in World 2, visit the Rubble Ruins page.)


The fiest boss in world 2. Since there are two areas in World 2, i'm only listing the ones down in that specific area.

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