Spikes are lizard creatures who debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3. They can cough up Spiked Balls from their mouths. (Don't ask how) They are found around usually in World 2.

Types of Spikes

They are five types of Spikes in the game.

Spike: Spikes are green and found around World 2.

Stone Spike: Stone Spikes are blue and toss Stone Spiked Balls. They live around World 3.

Snow Spike: Snow Spikes are light blue, wear orange mittens and hats and snow goggles. They throw Snowballs. They live in 5-2, and 5-5.

Factory Spike: Factory Spikes are exactly like normal Spikes, but are red and are only found in 8-9.

Dune Spike: Dune Spikes are super rare and are only found in 9-3.

640px-Spike NSMBW Artwork


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