Starry Skies
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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus
World number 7
Levels 8
Bosses Mega Topman
Ludwig von Koopa
Joined World Sky Mountain
Game Progression
Previous world (6) Pumpkin Boneyard
(C) Sky City (secret)
Next world (8) Koopa Planet/Core

Starry Skies (along with Sky Mountain) is the seventh world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It follows Sky Mountain and is accessible after completing 7-3: Beanstalk Ascent. Completing Starry Skies allows the players to access a Launch Star which will send them to Koopa Planet.


Starry Skies takes place in outer space. Worlds 7-4, 7-5 and 7-6, which take place in open space, feature reduced gravity resulting in the players jumping higher and falling more slowly. Worlds 7-7 and 7-8 take place in a "star haven," essentially a type of extraterrestrial forest. The latter two levels, along with the tower, castle and airship have normal gravity.


Level number
Level name
7-4 Spacedust Heap Placeholer image An outer space level in which players must navigate floating platforms, many of which are surrounded by Water Bubbles.
7-Towernsmbw Electron Tower Placeholer image A tower which the players must ascend using grabbable Fences while avoiding many Fuzzies. Mega Topman is fought at the top of the tower.
7-5 Asteroid Belt Placeholer image An outer space level in which players must navigate rotating Asteroids, many of which are covered in Amps which will zap the players.
7-15x15px The Blue Switch Palace Placeholer image The Blue Switch activates all Blue Blocks in the game, allowing the players to reach locations they may not have been able to before.
7-6 Spintop Nebula Placeholer image An outer space level in which players must navigate platforms which fall away as they are stepped upon. Amps and Spiky Topmen seek to hinder the players' progress.
7-7 Star Haven Placeholer image A celestial forest containing Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Venus Fire Traps and pink-colored Spike Tops and Big Spike Tops.
7-8 Starfruit Garden Placeholer image
7-Castlensmbw2 Novastar Castle NovastarCastle A castle filled with Lava, moving platforms and Meteor showers raining from above. Players must contend with Bob-ombs, Dry Bones (both normal and Giant) and Podoboos. Mega Topman is fought once again at the end of the stage.
7-Airship2 Spaceship Koopa SpaceshipKoopa