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Starry Skies is the seventh world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Unlike most worlds the minor area, Sky Mountain comes first. The tower/castle Boss is Mega Topman and the airship Boss is Ludwig Von Koopa.


Starry Skies is an outer space themed world.


7-4: Spacedust Heap

7-Tower: Electron Tower

A tower with electrical barriers, many Fuzzies, and Spike Topmen from Super Mario Galaxy.

7-5: Asteroid Belt

7-Blue Switch: The Blue Switch Palace

7-6: Spintop Nebula

7-7: Star Haven

7-8: Starfruit Garden

7-Castle: Novastar Castle

A castle with lava, Raining Debris crashing down, and Spike Topmen.

7-Airship: Spaceship Koopa

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