Switch Shift Grove, or World 1-8, is the ninth course in Yoshi's Island. It is a Forest-type level, and it's also the only one of two courses in Yoshi's Island to have a secret exit (Rainshed Pond being the other). It's a forest where many puzzling ?-Switches reside. This level can be bypassed via Tangle Temple.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin #1: In the first yellow warp pipe. Upon entering, hit a ?-Switch to make a Spiked Ball fall onto the girder nearby, then do a running jump over the Spiked Ball and onto the girder. Finally, tilt the girder so that the Spiked Ball can demolish the Brick Blocks guarding the Star Coin, and grab it.
  • Star Coin #2: Go into the tall yellow warp pipe before the checkpoint. Upon entering, slide down the wall and get the Star Coin with a few wall jumps.
  • Star Coin #3: Take the only Springboard for some time. Once the Star Coin is reached, set down the Springboard and bounce off of it to get the final Star Coin.

Secret exit

Avoid hitting the second ?-Switch after the checkpoint in order to access a green warp pipe. If successful, the secret exit will provide access to the Yellow Switch.


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