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Yoshi's Island is the first world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the home of the Yoshies. The boss of the tower (Timber Tower) and castle (Creepcrack Castle) is Giga Fuzzy, and the airship's boss is Iggy Koopa.


Yoshi's Island is a jungle island archipelago with beaches, ponds, and ruined temples. The cliffs of the lush wooded areas are raised high above the shores.

Yoshi's Island can be seen right after the starting cutscene.


Newer Super Mario Bros59:54

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii 100% World 1 - Yoshi's Island

Other Buildings

Other buildings in Yoshi's Island are:

  • Yoshi's House is accessible after completing 1-1. You'll want to come back after you pressed all the switches from the switch palaces...
  • Island Store is one of the many stores in this game. It is accessible after completing 1-2. It sells:
  • 1 Star Coin: Mushroom
  • 2 Star Coins: Fire Flower/Ice Flower
  • 3 Star Coins: Propeller Mushroom
  • 5 Star Coins: 2 Fire Flowers & Ice Flower
  • 8 Star Coins: 2 Mushrooms, 1-up Mushroom, and 2 Propeller Mushrooms.
  • Challenge House A is the First Challenge House you will probably see. It is accessible after completing 1-7.
  • The Yellow Switch Palace is one of the four swith palaces in the game. It is accessible after completing 1-8 through the secret exit.
  • The entrance to World A (Goldwood Forest) can be accessed after completing 1-6 through the secret exit.


The Bosses for World 1. (Yoshi's Island)

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