"The beginnings of your Newer adventure take you through a ruined temple, a swamp, various forests and more...! With your friendly dinosaur companion at hand, of course."

Yoshi's Island is the first world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the home of the Yoshies. The boss of the Tower (Timber Tower) and Castle (Creepcrack Castle) is King Fuzzy, and the Airship's boss is Iggy Koopa.


Yoshi's Island is a jungle island archipelago with beaches, a pond, a swamp, and a temple. The cliffs of the lush wooded areas are raised high above the shores.

Yoshi's Island can be seen right after the starting cutscene.

The first level Palm Beach uses the background from World 4 levels of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the rest of the levels share use the background from World 5.


Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Palm Beach Palm beach A beach level where Yoshi is first encountered.
1-2 Yoshi Woods Yoshi woods A forest filled with enemies, segueing into a small cavern.
1-Yoshi Yoshi's House Yoshis house At Yoshi's House, you will find Mario trivia once you activate the Switch Palaces.
1-3 Springwater Swamp Springwater swamp A swamp home to Cheep Cheeps, Wigglers, and Urchins.
1-4 Growing Greenwood Growing greenwood A poisonous lakefront by the southern shore of the island.
1-tower Timber Tower Timber tower A tower disguised as a tree, with many Koopa Troopas inside. Giga Fuzzy is fought at the top, and Kamek is seen for the first time.
1-5 Fuzzy Canyon Fuzzy canyon A bridge where Fuzzies roam on track, and platforms must be used to cross.
1-6 Rainshed Pond Maxresdefault (14) A lake filled with Cheep-Cheeps. Goldwood Forest can be accessed from here via secret exit.
1-7 Tangle Temple Tangle temple An ancient temple filled with vines to swing on.
1-8 Switch Shift Grove Switch shift grove A shifting forest that changes when ? Switches are hit, allowing the player to progress. The Yellow Switch Palace can be accessed from here via secret exit.
1-switch Yellow Switch Palace Yellow switch palace This Switch Palace contains a Yellow Switch that solidifies the yellow Dotted Line Blocks across the land.
1-castle Creepcrack Castle Creepcrack castle A castle of ancient ruins and traps. Giga Fuzzy is fought here for the second time.
1-airship Derelict Airship Derelict airship A docked airship to the east coast of Yoshi's Island where Iggy Koopa is battled here.

Other Buildings